To the Limit

MacGillivray Freeman Films

Stunning sequences in the large format film on human performance, TO THE LIMIT, are the result of  superb state of the art of super-large format filmmaking techniques.  Featuring spectacular “you are there” footage of three champion athletes performing, TO THE LIMIT is unique among IMAX productions in depicting inner body shots of tissues and muscles, like the heart, in action.  The film was also the first to make use of a specially developed, high-speed camera that slows down motion by a factor of four to reveal the grace of human movement. Some of the sequences in TO THE LIMIT, like flying through the arteries and chambers of the heart, were accomplished with new endoscopic lens designed to work specifically with the IMAX camera.  Similar to a lens used by physicians for diagnostic purposes, this new lens allowed the filmmakers to capture a blood cell’s view of a heart -- from the inside. TO THE LIMIT is a large format film which celebrates our understanding of the human body in performance. DVD only