MacGillivray Freeman Films

Flash is required!

For sheer excitement, Speed is an experience that can only be surpassed at the risk of life and limb. Early on as you struggle to keep up with the maniacally accelerating narrator, you get the impression that there is hardly enough time to squeeze the entire show into 33 minutes. Throughout the course of the film as it traces the development of technology, you find yourself gradually accelerating with the pace of discovery and the increasingly faster velocities reached. You are walked, run, pedaled, driven, flown, blown, rocketed, and blasted through time and space until you find yourself literally at the edge of the universe and beyond. Even at 40 miles an hour, you feel the thrill of speed as you never have before, whirling about the concrete bowl of the Olympic velodrome, hub to hub with bicycle racers. When the automotive age arrives, you race through the back roads and streets of Fresno, California, beside young Billy Vukovich, future Indianapolis 500 champion. On a hair-pin mountain road, the pavement rushes up at you. The screech of tires, the rush of wind, envelope you as you careen from side to side. The film captivates an audience because it shows them the effects of technology from their point of view. It takes them on a wild ride and challenges all of their senses. It enables them to experience speed beyond their wildest dreams, and dreams are where it all started. DVD only