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Creating High Definition – under this guiding principle, Imagion AG combines creative concepts and design along with innovation and quality in the technical implementation of all its projects, be it Blu-ray or DVD.

Founded in 1998, today, Imagion AG is one of the leading studios in Europe, evidenced by more than 5000 successfully realised projects in the film, TV, music, business and industry sectors. A broad range of renowned clients across the world have already made Imagion their preferred studio.

From straightforward industry films to multilingual special editions for the global market, Imagion products reflect the passion for the project and the media. Always a little better, always a bit more innovative and, of course, superior quality in the technical implementation is a constant – a combination that has made Imagion a familiar mainstay over the past years.

Boomtown Pictures

BoomTown Pictures (formerly Planet Pictures Inc.) is a Vancouver-based full-service production company. The company is founded and led by producer/director Gordon Carson. Our extensive credits include award winning: television, government, documentaries, commercials, music videos, and animation.

Big P Productions

Big P Productions is a Vancouver based audio production and technical resource company. State of the art facilities and in house talent is geared towards creating soundtracks, jingles, audio recording and editing, or enhancing your recording projects by arranging or adding instrumental or vocal tracks.
We also provide video editing and production management services.