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Big Picture Digital Productions was founded in 1997 and is a niche publisher/developer /producer and distributor for the giant screen (IMAX) film industry bringing their content to home entertainment and other alternative distribution streams. In essence Big Picture manages and exploits content. Big Picture offers a turnkey service to Giant Screen content owners. Our client list includes the leading independent producers of GS films such as the Academy Award nominated MacGillivray Freeman Films, The Stephen Low Film Company, Giant Screen Films, WGBH/NOVA, K2 Communications, Sky High Entertainment and Melrae Pictures.

As pioneers in the industry (1st DVD produced in Canada in 1998) Big Picture understood why DVD then, more recently Blu-ray and now 4K UHD and Giant Screen Films suit each other so perfectly. The video and sound quality of these films surpasses that being offered by Hollywood releases.  Simply put, if you want to experience the best possible home entertainment experience, start with the best film format.
The company achieved significant financial and industry success with its first title – Super Speedway which garnered rave reviews and international awards (the DVD has shipped over 300,000 units and won Best Entertainment and Best Sound DVD at the European DVD Awards in Dublin 1999). Forty titles later delivered in multiple new formats along the way solidify the growing legacy of Big Picture as the industry leader.  

To be creative is to innovate. Big Picture leads the way in the production and distribution of GS films in home video. Parallel Chapter menus, full length making ofs, wide screen video versioning, home science activities, trivia quizzes, video montages , WMVHD bonus editions, Blu-ray with BD Live capability are just some of the examples of value adding features that Big Picture has invented or introduced to the industry. We have exploited our library in: VHS, Laser Disk, DVD, WMVHD, UMD, HDDVD, Blu-ray 2D &3D and the new digital/streaming online delivery world; up next 4K UHD Blu-ray. We explore and harness all the possibilities.  Formats are fleeting, content is forever!

In 2004/2005 Big Picture was producer for MacGillivray Freeman Films and Microsoft Corporation on the next generation, HD DVD’s for Windows Media Center. WMV HD titles offer video resolution equal to today’s Blu-ray standard of 1920X 1080. The first of the thirteen titles, Coral Reef Adventure was launched by Bill Gates at CES in 2004 becoming the first true HD home video disk ever released.  In 2007/2008 we worked with Microsoft again on a package of titles to be released in the now defunct HD DVD standard only to rise from that disappointment with a new production partner in Germany: Imagion AG and an aggressive release plan for Blu-ray. In 2009 we successfully created a European distribution consortium that now includes NBC Universal, our newest and most promising partnership. Through these collaborations and our existing worldwide relationship with Image Entertainment was borne a new iteration of the company: Big Picture Digital Video Distribution.

In 2010 we dominated the 3D home video market releasing the first live action title in the world: Grand Canyon Adventure. By the end of that year we had 8 releases in a market place that had only 36 titles in existence!

2011 & 2012 saw the company building relationships with TV manufacturers Panasonic, Samsung and LG as well as 3D codec specialist Sensio Technologies.  Starting with a traditional disk in the box deal with Samsung and IMAX we evolved a streaming bundling model that is used ubiquitously today to efficiently deliver content to customers and improve their new purchase experience.

2013 was the most revolutionary year so far for the company.  Research and development work began on the next generation format 4K UHD Blu-ray, announcements in this regard are coming soon. On the content side the company took on the role of Executive Producer in charge of distribution for a ground breaking 3D Digital 4K feature Documentary, the film is green lit and official public release of the details is weeks away.

The focus and boutique style of Big Picture is complimented by the strength of our many long-term partners and associates.  They represent the backbone and true scope of the company.  Please learn more about them in our partners section of this site.