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Ryan Mullins

President Big Picture Digital Productions Inc.

Ryan Mullins as founder and driving force behind Big Picture Digital Productions Inc has overseen the growth of a company that has continually demonstrated innovation and excellence while providing significant added value to its various clients. Ryan Mullins has that rare ability to keep the team and all stakeholders of a project on side, enthusiastic, focused and within budget. Trust is at the heart of Big Picture Digital Productions.

As an early believer in the potential of the DVD model, Ryan realized that if you want to present a home audience with the best possible sensory experience you start with the best possible film format: giant screen cinema (IMAX®). Big Picture Digital Productions Inc was thus founded in 1997 releasing its first title – Super Speedway, in 1998 garnering rave reviews and international awards with over 300,000 copies distributed to date.  Following this auspicious beginning, Ryan never took his foot off the pedal: First HD Video release in the World – Coral Reef Adventure WMVHD, First major BD LIVE library, First Live Action 3D Blu-ray, First Triple Feature 3D Blu-ray…and coming soon, some of the first 4K Blu-ray releases in 2014.

Within his niche, Ryan Mullins has continued to bring a new level of interactive and connective qualities to his titles. With his stellar reputation and vast base of experience Ryan has been invited to chair and speak at Film Festivals and New Media Conferences in North America and Europe.
Ryan also has special expertise in live event and film and television production. In collaboration with Planet Pictures, he produced a number of "making of" documentaries for broadcast as part of the ‘Behind the Big Camera’ series.  As an Executive Producer, Ryan has shown that he is adept at putting the financing together as he is overseeing the creative and technical design of a project as a Creative Director. 2014 will see Ryan back in the Executive Producer chair working on a feature length international co-production with global appeal – details coming soon.

Ryan had previously worked in a variety of fields including politics where he was Event Producer and National Tour Coordinator for the Federal Leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada. Within the arts and education community he was Company Manager for the Ottawa Ballet Company 1988-1992 and Technical Director for the 1990 Canada Dance Festival.
Ryan is an active member of GSCA serving on the Publications Committee. He has been a member of the LFCA, GSTA and now GSCA since 1998.